Osmosis MD is an elite professional cosmeceutical skincare and wellness brand that achieves real, lasting results by transforming skin health. It uses patented, advanced technology with a holistic approach. 

Osmosis and its unique philosophy is based on analysing the skin and body as a whole and treating skin conditions at the source, creating the ideal environment to inspire permanent changes in the skin.

  1.   Healing NOT harming

Osmosis is a one of a kind non toxic skincare that has been developed to heal, repair and feed the skin to achieve long lasting results. Within the skincare industry, most skin treatments and products work by causing an inflammatory response which stimulates the cells and different processes within the skin. Real change occurs when you improve the health of the skin without harming it. Not only does inflammation accelerate ageing it also reduces the skin capacity to maintain its collagen density, DNA and barrier health. 

  1.   Patented exclusive ingredients 

Osmosis have their very own patented and exclusive ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. Including the liposomal retinaldehyde which is the most tolerated Vitamin A, while being the most clinically proven and effective collagen stimulator. (Read more about Osmosis Retinaldehyde Vitamin A here.)

AND their incredible product “Rescue” which is a uniquely powerful serum that is proven to neutralise toxins, calm inflammation and accelerate the wound healing process.

  1.   Incredible delivery system

This skincare range has been formulated by a doctor who has extensive knowledge and research on which ingredients are going to be the most effective, with a pharmaceutical grade delivery system most readily accepted by the cells. Each ingredient is coated in a liposome similar to our cell membrane which increases its cell absorption by 600%. 

  1.   No band-aid fix

The Osmosis wellness range treats the cause of your concerns from within rather than treating just the symptoms. Issues with our skin is our body's way of telling us there is something not quite right internally. If we find the cause of the skin condition we are more likely to achieve a more permanent result. Dr Ben has formulated extensive diagnostic tools to establish the root of all kinds of skin conditions to ensure we are able to achieve the best results possible.

  1.   Top quality ingredients

Osmosis pride themselves on using clean, ethically sourced and non-toxic ingredients. There are no added fillers, irritating or unnecessary ingredients that do not play an important role in the product or for our skin. Osmosis is a step ahead in the skin care industry as the holistic methods and advanced technology creates more repair than any other skincare strategies. 

Clean skincare decks are becoming more and more important to professionals because toxic and irritating ingredients detract from lasting results. The skin is constantly defending itself from the environment, so it does not need the additional burden of managing skincare toxins. Osmosis’s clean ingredients have also allowed many products in the range to be oncology friendly.

  1.   Barrier health

Other skin care lines focus on exfoliating the epidermis every day and contain harsh acids and ingredients. Research has shown this causes skin sensitivity, sun sensitivity and dehydration, creating more problems than when you started! Osmosis serums protect the barrier while maximising age-reversing skin repair and healthy change in the skin.

  1.   Treating the cause

Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, we go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns. Osmosis combines the most effective detox strategies with medical-grade, non-toxic, topical formulas and strategic facial services to achieve authentic transformations and overall well-being. Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need; all we have to do is understand the clues, which we can help with our advanced skin mapping.

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