Brow Cosmetic Tattoo

Brow Cosmetic Tattoo

Consultation 40mins, $59

You must book in a consultation prior to your cosmetic brow tattoo appointment.

In this appointment Morgan will talk you through the tattoo process and answer any questions you may have. She will discuss with you what style and methods of tattoo may be best suitable for you and discuss shape and colour options. 

It is a great idea to arrive at your consultation with your brows coloured / shaped how you like them as this will guide Morgan on what you like and the look you may be after. Please bring any brow pencils / powders that you like the colour of. Do not worry if you don’t put makeup on your brows or don’t know how to do them, Morgan can guide you with what will be best. 

A test patch should be performed behind your ear for precaution, in advance of the procedure. This is highly recommended particularly if you find you are allergic to medicines / makeup / creams / metals / topical anesthetics etc. The test patch should be performed a couple of weeks prior to your brow tattoo appointment. The Beauty Extract shall not be liable for any reaction you may have to products used in the procedure, particularly if you elect not to undertake a test patch; you release and indemnify The Beauty Extract in respect of such matters. Time permitting, Morgan may measure up and draw a brow shape for you so you have a better idea of how the cosmetic tattoo may look.  

Please take time to familiarise yourself on the Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility Checklist and all the information on our Cosmetic Tattoo Information page. 

Upon booking a tattoo consultation, you will be sent a text message with a link requiring you to fill out the online Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility Checklist. This must be completed before your consultation appointment. If you have trouble filling it out, please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to your consultation appointment so you can fill it out in the salon and not compromise your appointment time. Please contact the salon if you require any further clarification or information ahead of your appointment.

Consultation appointments can be arranged as follows: 

A consultation appointment can be booked at least 2 weeks in advance of your initial tattoo appointment but no more than 3 months in advance. This allows Morgan to review your Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility Checklist in detail and provide advice on any required changes you may need to make in advance of your tattoo appointment, which could include obtaining doctors permission on certain medications / conditions. This also allows time to monitor the test patch and make changes as needed. 

A consultation appointment can also be booked immediately before your initial tattoo appointment, however should you choose this option, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided your completed and informed us if anything applies from our Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility Checklist (which is located on our Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility page), at least 1 week prior to your appointment, in addition to emailing photos of your brows to Performing the consultation immediately before your tattoo appointment does not allow a test patch to be performed and monitored. It is your responsibility if you choose to proceed. If for any reason Morgan is unable to proceed with your tattoo on the day, your deposit will be forfeited and your appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

Consultations for those who have had a previous brow tattoo from another technician must be undertaken at least 2 weeks in advance of your initial tattoo appointment but no more than 3 months in advance. This is because some existing tattoos may be too pigmented to tattoo over, removal options can be discussed if required and expectations can be explained. Colour or shape corrections can be quite technical, so the procedure needs to be carefully planned in advance.  

It is your responsibility to ensure we are aware of your full medical history at least 48 hours prior to ANY tattoo appointment. If you are unable to be tattooed at your appointment your deposit will be forfeited.

PLEASE READ the Cosmetic Tattoo Information page on our website for further tattoo information.


Brow Feathering Cosmetic Tattoo, $599

This technique is perfect for people who already have quite good hair coverage and for those who want to fill in gaps in their eyebrows where hair is missing. This is because the strokes can be made to mimic the natural hair in colour, thickness and angle of growth. This technique can also work very well to create a complete brow where little to no hair exists. 

Feathering is created by using a small disposable sterile hand tool, where pigment is lightly scratched manually into the skin. This technique may not suit all skin types as hair strokes can blur and the strokes may not stay as crisp, particularly on oily skin types or skin with open pores.

This service involves brow mapping, pre-drawing, Q & A's and colour selection.

All aftercare advice and take-home care is provided.


Ombre, Mist, Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattoo, $599

The mist, ombre and powder techniques involve the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment dusted into the skin with a digital tattoo machine gradually building up the desired colour and shape. 

The 'mist' speaks for itself; it is very light dusting, adding a soft shadow like effect under the brow.  The term ‘ombre’ refers to the brows being softer and lighter through the fronts of the brow while being fuller and defined through the tails. The powder technique is full coverage with a more concentrated colour, allowing a bolder brow. Brows tattooed with a machine are better suited, but not limited, to oilier skin types.  If you love the way your brows look after tinting/henna or with a little bit of brow powder, this is for you!

This service involves brow mapping, pre-drawing, Q & A's and colour selection.

All aftercare advice and take-home care is provided.


Combination Brow Cosmetic Tattoo, $629

This style of brow is a combination of both machine and feathering methods. It aims to add fullness, texture and dimension to the brows. 

One option is getting a lighter full mist colour in your first session, then placing the hair strokes in a darker colour to add texture and realism over the top at the adjustment session. A second option is to use both methods in the same session, by placing hair strokes and defining other areas with ombre to create more dimension and enhance the shape. This is great for those who want the best of both worlds!

This service involves brow mapping, pre-drawing, Q & A's and colour selection.

All aftercare advice and take-home care is provided.


Brow Adjustment Session, $99 

It is completely normal for colour to have lifted or faded during the 4 to 6 week healing period, so the adjustment session is used to tweak and perfect the tattoo as well as make small adjustments to shape and symmetry as required. This adjustment is to be performed no longer than 6 weeks after your brow tattoo service, (being the initial tattoo, maintenance session or if you require a second adjustment), otherwise it will be priced as the relevant maintenance session cost.


Brow Maintenance Sessions

Everyone’s skin holds tattoo pigment differently and because of this many people need maintenance sessions at different stages.

There can be many factors as to why your brow tattoo may fade over time and may need re-touching. It may be due to your skin type, your age, metabolism, how your body disperses the pigment, what products you have used (peels, strong facial products, products containing acids / vitamins), how you have looked after them, exposure to UV light, etc.

A maintenance session can be performed any time after your initial tattoo and can be used to tweak the colour or shape, or to freshen up your brows. 

1 – 6 months – $149
6 – 12 months – $219
1 – 1.5 years – $349
1.5 – 2 years – $459 

Durations above are based on when you had your last tattoo appointment. 

For durations beyond 2 years, the price is charged as an initial appointment.

To book in for a maintenance session you must know the date of your last tattoo treatment to ensure the correct time frame is selected. Please call the salon on (03) 9119 5678 if you need clarification on time elapsed since your last session.

Maintenance sessions are only offered to previous cosmetic tattoo clients of The Beauty Extract.