Spray Tans

The Three Warriors spray tan is deeply nourishing and natural, and the solution will hydrate and restore your skin’s moisture levels, leaving it supple and a beautiful addition to your skin care routine, thanks to its all-natural, organic tanning ingredients sourced directly from mother nature. The formula is non-streaky with no nasty scents. 

Preparation for your spray tan:

Shave and exfoliate at least 48 hours before your appointment. Have a shower before your appointment to rise off any excess makeup, product, perfumes or deodorant. 

Please wait 48 hours after having any eyebrow treatments (tint/henna/dye) to have your spray tan as the tan can effect the colour. 

Bring loose clothes to wear after the tan.


After your spray tan: 

Leave the tan on for the following times depending on the colour you like: 

  • 1 Hour: for a very light and fresh natural glow 
  • 2-3 Hours: for a medium to warm organic tan 
  • 4-5 Hours: for a deep, dark, holiday worthy tan 

After the desired time, rinse your tan off with a lukewarm shower that lasts no longer than 60 seconds. Make sure to dab your skin dry with a towel. After your tan has washed off, it will take 16-24 hours for the tan to develop and to fully see the colour. Please do not use any moisturizers for 24 hours after washing off the tan. 

Full body $50

Half Body $30


  • 5 Full Body Spray Tans $225, saving you $20

All treatments must be undertaken within 3 months. Conditions apply.