Rosacea skin transformation journey in just 3 months


At The Beauty Extract we have found the key to achieving amazing lasting results!! 

We take a holistic, results driven effective approach to healing and repairing your body from the inside out. What we mean by this is, as opposed to you using toxic ingredients and harsh salon treatments that, yes, might give you immediate results, but long term, create bigger problems. We use the avenue of healing not harming, building your natural barrier health to function at an optimum level, while also looking at internal or other factors which may be contributing to your undesirable skin concerns. 

We use incredible products that have no added fillers, irritating or unnecessary ingredients that do not play an important role in the product or for our skin and overall health.

Debbie's skin concerns:

Debbie came to us at the beginning of July 2021 complaining about how sore and red areas of her skin were. She found it was super sensitive and didn’t want to use anything on it, not to mention she didn't even know where to start!  Her confiance was shot and she was feeling very self conscious. Debbie was using thick makeup on her skin to cover it up which also added to her irritation and exacerbated her dryness and breakouts. 

And this is where we came in! As Debbies said, we are “Lifesaving skin fairies!”


Our skin analysis:

We discovered that Debbie, like many other people, had a toxic overload within her body. Medication and other factors contributed to her body not being able to detox through normal pathways and in turn was detoxing through her skin.

Our goal was to help clear the toxic build up internally and calm and heal the inflammation topically.

Home Care Skin Prescription

An intensive home care regime for 3 months.

Wellness Routine (Internal)

  • Immune Defense - $60
  • Immune Defense helps to neutralize disharmonies in the body and mind caused by pathogens, viruses and toxicity.

  • Skin Perfection - $95
  • Skin perfection works from within by promoting digestive balance and neutralizes environmental toxins. It cancels out overgrowth of candida within the digestive system that causes skin issues.

  • Recovery - $294
  • She took a 3 month course of Recovery. 15ml dose every morning internally.

    Recovery contains prebiotics that helps recover your own probiotic population and supports omega fatty acid replacement.

    Debbie noticed a huge difference even over her whole body, way less dryness and itchiness of her skin and it healed her gut so her body could function optimally. A huge bonus of this incredible product is it can be used as a fat pat renewal. Debbie found her skin looked way more youthful and plump, with areas on her forehead and mouth filling out and giving her confidence she had years ago!


    1 month on our customised homecare prescription.


    Topical Routine

  • Gentle cleanser $93 
  • This is a luxurious gentle cleanser that effectively removes dirt, makeup and environment without drying out the skin of its natural protective lipid barrier.

  • Rescue serum $224
  • Rescue Serum is a “Hero” product that helps to activate epidermal wound repair within the skin. It heals and calms inflammation in the skin like nothing else.

  • Protect $68
  • A Zinc based sunscreen that not only protects the skin from UV but also helps assist with healing. 

  • Catalyst $226
  • Catalyst repairs DNA to correct wounds and scars in the skin.

  • Quench $132 
  • A lightweight moisturiser that repairs and feeds the skin barrier.


    2 months on our customised homecare prescription.

    Debbie's skin was feeling so much healthier and don't these images show it! All the breakouts had cleared up and the dryness was completely resolved. Her skin felt smoother and she had no inflammation.

    Debbie's product cost over the 3 months where: Internal: $1467 Topical products: $843

    “Totally worth every penny” Debbie had said. “I had dealt with this for years and tried lots of products and harsh treatments in the past that were aggravating and didn't change a thing! Belinda's professionalism and care made me trust the process, and look where we ended up! I’m stoked and forever grateful” 

    In clinic Skin Treatments:

    Debbie didn't have any in clinic treatments.

    Her outstanding results were achieved by following our personalised skin prescription. And of course some incredible commitment by Debbie to follow all our advice.  

    Other factors to consider.

    We also advised her to drink plenty of water to support the removal of toxins. While also cutting back on processed, fried and dairy foods and limiting alcohol intake. 


    Need some advice and help with your skin? 

    Book in NOW for a Skin Consultation or Skin Treatment!

    Almost 3 months of treatment.

    All her inflammation is gone, most of the scarring has healed. The texture feels so smooth and we have balanced out her skin's oil production. The scar on her nose has also even out, while it is still a slightly different skin tone it is a lot more even and smoother.

    Healthy achievable results from the inside out!

    Debbie radiates a more youthful healthy happy appearance, and she is now feeling so much more confident in her own skin, wearing little to no makeup and her whole body as a whole is feeling better and healthier and younger.


    If you would like some help with any skin concern or want to find out more book in for a Skin Consultation with one of our experienced Skin Therapists. We would love to help you with your own skin journey at The Beauty Extract.