Louie's 4 week super simple skin transformation journey

With results driven, non toxic skin care, combined with the perfect professional treatments, you will see results!

Real change occurs when you improve the health of the skin without harming it and when you’re using ingredients that are processed in a way that they don't create inflammation or irritation. 


Louie’s skin concerns were Redness, Rosacea, Dryness with flaky skin and a dry scalp.

Louie felt very self conscious of his skin and he didn’t know where to start and how to help. He was using cetaphil from the chemist and a sensitive moisturiser.

Have you been using cetaphil? Check out why we say not to use it here.


Our skin analysis 

The redness and flakiness of the skin was attributed to inflammation within the skin. His barrier was impaired so his skin could not hold the oils and moisture it needed.

This was caused by some external factors such as incorrect skin care, he was not supporting his skin and also internal factors such as stress, digestive issues, including food intolerances.

Home Care Skin Prescription

We did a very simple skin prescription for Louie. For the 4 weeks he used:

Topical AM and PM routine

Gentle cleanser $93 - We advised Louie to only do one cleanse, as he was not removing make up and we did not want to remove the oils present in his skin, supporting and repairing his impaired barrier.

Rescue serum $224 - He applied a pea size amount of the serum to his cleansed skin morning and evening.

Immerse oil $140 - Following the Rescue serum in the evening, he massaged a couple of drops of immerse oil into his skin.

Protect $68 - Following the Rescue serum in the morning, he applied Protect moisturiser for sun protection and the zinc aided in the healing of his skin.

Total: $525


Other factors to consider.

Drinking lots of water!! Cleaning up the diet by cutting out as much sugar, fried food and preservatives as possible.

Listening to your body, getting rest and reducing stress levels. If you are quite stressed there are internal support options that help to boost your serotonin levels and reduce cortisone.


Results don't happen without some hard work, so you will need to commit to applying products, avoiding touching or picking your face, keeping track of your triggers and foods that can affect you.

Keeping an eye on external factors like avoiding really hot showers, heaters and exposure to different elements.

Louie's in clinic Skin Treatments

He had 2 x LED Glow Skin Treatments a week. 8 in total $672 (normally $792, saving you 15%) over 4 weeks.

LED light phototherapy is a safe effective treatment for inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and acne. The results speak for themselves. It can be used on the most sensitive skins and it will give you that beautiful healthy glow. Want to find out more about how this treatment works check out here.

We didn’t do anything internal for these 4 weeks as money can be a factor, but ideally you would be supporting your skin from within at the same time you are treating the external symptoms. To help keep his skin looking and feeling amazing, he will now take the Skin Perfection Elixir, which will help prevent the Dermatitis / Psoriasis from returning and he will keep up with his simple at home skin skincare routine.

Skin Perfection Elixir

Your skin is a detox organ and everything that is present on your skin is a result of something going on within your body. Eczema, psoriasis and breakouts is caused by your skin trying to detox from candida overgrowth. Among other benefits, the Skin Perfection Elixir helps to cancel out the candida overgrowth within your digestive system, reducing skin reactions and irritations. This is a great internal product Louie will now take to keep his skin and body healthy from the inside out!

Louie’s incredible skin 4 weeks after 8 LED treatments and prescribed targeted skincare routine.

Total spend on product and LED treatment package: $1197

Louie has so much more confidence now that his skin is glowing and calm. His scalp dryness has also settled, and he will do a LED session once a month to maintain results.

If you need help with any skin care concerns let us know. We would love to help you and make you feel confident in the skin you're in!

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