This is a very common question that is asked about cosmetic tattoos.

So many people are put off by the thought that it’s painful.  Are you needle phobic?  Are you bad with pain?  Or have heard on the grape vine that cosmetic tattooing kills?

Put all that aside for a second and think about how amazing you will feel after a life changing brow, eyeliner or lip tattoo procedure!! Waking up with those perfect brows you have always dreamed of. Say good bye to panda eyes and hello to extra time in the mornings!!

We are all so lucky now that over the years technology and research is at an ultimate high in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Top quality products, equipment and training is available. And even better; look no further, The Beauty Extract ticks ALL those boxes.

So, if you are terrified of needles? Or have fainted at school injections?! Don’t worry, I will look after you! I have a thorough understanding of the cosmetic tattoo industry, covering all angles of the procedure. 

  • I will use the correct technique, depth, pressure and angle to ensure your skin is cared for and avoid any unnecessary pain and trauma to the skin.
  • I use the highest quality tools and equipment. Using a quality tattoo hand piece which has minimal vibration allowing for precise implantation of the pigment. This also means that treatment time is reduced and less inflammation to the skin.
  • I can recommend a compounding pharmacy who can create the perfect anaesthetic just for you. Or there are over the counter anaesthetics you can talk to your local pharmacy about.
  • I have a ‘less is more’ approach and my calming nature will keep you at ease throughout your procedure.
  • Let me know how you are feeling; communication is the key. I will not rush you and I will take my time to maximise your comfort.
  • Knowledge of skin and skin types is crucial. I’ve seen some horror jobs in my time! Some technicians that have gone way too deep into the skin, permanently scarring and damaging the layers of the skin. And not to mention this makes it extremely painful! We have many layers of the skin and it is all about finding the ‘sweet spot’ which is where the pigment holds best and true to its colour.

My extensive experience and knowledge will ensure you will walk out feeling and looking amazing! Don’t let the thought of pain stop you from truly seeing yourself in a new light. Many of my clients say it was nowhere near as painful as they thought! And they were pleasantly surprised at how little they could feel.

So it’s time to ditch the brow powders and eyeliner and treat yourself to a Cosmetic Tattoo at The Beauty Extract! 

Book in a Consultation to discuss further, and I can answer any questions and put your mind at ease.