Osmosis Calm Gentle Retinal Serum 30ml

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Introducing the rejuvenating power of retinaldehyde, the best form of Vitamin A for skin, with this sun-safe anti-aging serum. Liposomally delivered collagen stimulators and antioxidants gently bring your skin to life along with targeted nutrients that calm your skin and restore a youthful complexion without irritation. Gentle Retinal Serum can be used for rosacea, skin tightening, or as an anti-aging serum.

Size: 30ml

Key Benefits:

  • Patented non-inflammatory Vitamin A helps to calm inflammation within the skin.
  • Non irritating collagen and elastin stimulators for improving fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gentle cell renewal with barrier protection
  • Increases nutrient supply and moisture

Instructions for use:
On clean skin, apply 1 pump morning and/or evening. Follow with additional serum(s) and moisturizer as needed.

Pro Tip: Retinaldehyde is sun-safe so you can use in your morning routine as well!