Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub 150g

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A gentle, natural scrub that preps and primes the skin for tanning, Tasmanian Sand Scrub will leave you with skin that is super smooth and fake tan ready!

Made using a blend of locally sourced sand from Tasmania’s pristine beaches along with aloe vera and coconut oil that hydrate and moisturise skin.

Size: 150g

Key Benefits:

  • Not harsh like some other exfoliants. It will hydrate and nourish the body, not hinder it.
  • It’s a 100% organic and natural sand scrub, free of nasty preservatives, chemicals and toxins 
  • It’s an exfoliating scrub that both primes and hydrates skin.

  • Preps your skin for a flawless fake tan.

Instructions for Use:

Begin by wetting the skin first, using you less dominant hand begin to massage the exfoliating scrub into the skin using a circular motion. Continue to circulate and sweep across the body with the exfoliating scrub, rinsing and repeating until skin feels smooth and renewed. 

Make sure to exfoliate the joints (such as knees, elbows, knuckles, ankles) well, as they tend to get neglected and as a result, store dead skin cells and show up streaky when tanned.